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Become the perfect candidate

We know that the economy is tough right now and finding a job isn't easy. Rovers Recruitment is pleased to offer job coaching services to ensure the job search process is as easy as possible.

Improve your approach to job searching

Have you sent out hundreds of resumes, only to hear nothing back? If so, you're not alone. Millions of Americans have critical flaws in their job search and aren't sure how to improve. With job coaching services from our team, you can find where your resume is lacking and see what it will take to redefine your job search persona.

Our career coaching services:

We provide the following services during our career coaching sessions:

•   Basic resume reviews and improvement recommendations

•   Assistance with establishing LinkedIn, Monster, Facebook,

     CareerBuilder and other web accounts for online networking purposes

•   Identifying what industries, companies, and positions suit your career

     goals and experience

•   How to locate hiring managers for the jobs you want and how to

     contact them for a fast response

•   Honest assessments regarding how "hirable" you are and how to make

     yourself more a appealing candidate

Note: We do not write resumes, but are more than happy to refer you to several top-notch resume writing services if you desire. We can provide examples of successful resumes during your consultation at no extra charge, as well as provide critque and suggestions if you do use an external serice.


Make sure you're the most desirable candidate possible with our help!

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$75.00 general consultation service per hour                                Buy Now

Bulk Sessions: 3 sessions for $200.00 (savings of $25.00)       Buy Now

5 sessions for 325.00 (savings of $50.00)                                     Buy Now


Entry Level rates recent college graduate and/or less than one year of work experience

$60.00 general consultation service per hour                              Buy Now

Bulk Sessions: 3 sessions for $160.00 (savings of $20.00)       Buy Now

5 sessions for $255.00 (savings of $45.00)                                   Buy Now


Note: Coaching Sessions are conducted via phone, Skype, or Facetime. It is your preference.

Prices are subject to change.